Art By Concept KG

ABC KG is a creative consulting company committed to building a new, sustainable model for the support of the arts, business and culture. The emergence of new industry and growth in the 21st century is the direct outcome of a creative approach and vision. Art and culture are an integral part of this matrix. Incorporating an art program into the work environment not only ties the physical facility together with a coherent installation of artworks in the public areas and offices but also provides opportunities to cultivate a stronger employee community. ABC's services are tailored to the specific character of your industry and interests of your company.

Further, ABC believes a marketing and entrepreneurial approach is key to serving the corporate communities' objectives. By enlisting artists and other cultural producers, a corporate identity can move from an industry standard to something fresh and innovative. Our strategy is to position the corporate brand to ensure it reaches new regions and audiences. This is accomplished through ABC's international network of partners and strategic connections.

Association ABC Art by Concept

ABC association is a strategic partner and originator of art and cultural events throughout Vienna. Urban renewal and community engagement are important aspects of each project. Our goal is to transform how art and business work together: To build a model that enables business to experience direct benefits from supporting cultural and community events. Sponsorship of ABC and ABC partner events are customized to the specific character and objectives of the sponsoring company.